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The ability to lose weight on a diet, while utilizing willpower, is not the answer to weight control. It is a recipe for failure. The human body is designed to control its own weight, but you need to know how to unlock its innate, natural ability. This is the answer to a healthy, well-trimmed body. NuMoxie’s "New Biological Lifestyle" health and weight loss program provides the answers through an informative online video teaching process with downloadable materials and directions, live coaching, and a support group of people who become your best friends on your health journey.

If you are not already angry, you are going to get angry when you discover you could have controlled your weight all these years without the tremendous effort which only caused you to “try” then “fail”.

This is NOT a vegetarian, calorie-counting, high protein/low carb, or fad diet with pills, shakes or prepared meals. It is a lifestyle change that you can live and enjoy for the rest of your life. You will eat the way your body was designed to eat.

  • The magic of health improvement and weight control without starving yourself!
  • How to lose your bad-food cravings once and for all!
  • A healthy body controls its blood pressure and heart rate; it can also control it own weight
  • Why "dieting" is NOT the answer!
  • How to help yourself achieve optimal health and keep the weight from coming back, even if you haven't had long-term success with other programs.
  • How to stop regaining the weight you lose!

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Customer Journeys

What Our Customers have Said About NuMoxie's

True "Balanced Body" Health Education Curriculum

Doug and Colleen C.
“It’s been a great exercise in self-awareness and body monitoring in that I can know which foods are best for me and how to plan to eat them more consistently.”

Carolyn N.
“I have enjoyed learning and the help that I have received. This class came at a time when I needed to make that change to better myself.”

Westlyn R.
“This is a good program to learn about the individual & different reactions of my own body to various foods & food products."

Carole M.
“I feel it’s a wonderful program that everyone needs to hear about.”

Heather M.
"It's been truly Amazing!!"

Jackie C.
"NuMoxie has made an enormous difference in my way of life for the positive!!"

Corley H.
“I would recommend this program to anyone to try & succeed and have a happy and healthy life.”

Sandra F.
“I really enjoy my food and find the program so easy to follow.”

Ray M.
“I would recommend this program to everyone.”

Bob F.
“I truly feel in control of my eating choices.”

Grant L.
“The guidance from this program is on target.”

Jeanette M.
"This program really is wonderful!"

Tiffany T.
"this program is amazing."

Bryan T.
"This program is not a fad or a gimmick. It's not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. It is real! This program teaches us how to eat correctly."

Penny F.
"I truly feel I have found a new way of lifestyle."

Phil B.
"This has been an exceptional program that has far exceeded my expectations!"

"I like that I can have control over my body."

Lyanne C.
"I feel a whole lot better about myself and life."

Lynn D.
"The program makes sense in a number of areas. It seems to bring together effective components of several programs into a logical whole."

Kendon E.
"Thanks for changing my life."

Valarie F.
"I'm very pleased with the results."

Bonnie H.
"I finally feel that I will never have to go on another "diet" ever again."

Patricia H.
"I feel the lack of hunger is one of the greatest assets."

Gary H.
"I believe that this program is going to give me a great outlook for my coming years. To me this class means much more than weight loss. I feel an overall wellness that I am so pleased to have."

Greg W.
There is dancing in the street or the fashion world with all the surplus material now available."

MeriKae L.
"I love my NuMoxie journey!"

Tiffany T.
"This program is amazing."

Travis H.
"This program is for real."

David C.
"It overall has been a life enriching experience."

Dennis E.
"I feel the program has helped me immensely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Marguerite G.
"I find myself singing and laughing more."

Cathy G.
"I feel like this is the first time in my adult life that I am in control of food, and am no longer an emotion-based eater."

Rob F.
"My wife is getting back the man she fell in love with."

Ruby H.
"This class has literally given me my life back. It has taught me to believe in myself and to have the patience to really work for something worthwhile. Because of what I've learned about food in this class, and how to eat properly, I doubt that I will ever again have a weight problem once I reach my goal weight."

NuMoxie can make the DIFFERENCE!